Corrective Jaw Surgery

In most cases, surgical procedures are responsive. Dr. Mazock and his skilled team intercede following facial trauma, decay, or other damage in order to repair damaged structures.

Orthognathic surgeries are different. These are preventive interventions that reposition, realign, or change the shape of the upper or lower jawbones in order to accommodate better overall oral health and jaw function. Some of the areas of concern that require orthognathic surgery include:

  • Orthodontic concerns like over, under, or crossbite that significantly impairs dental function, so surgical intervention to realign the jaw may be necessary
  • Sleep apnea or other breathing issues caused by the position of the jaw at rest or in motion can block the airway and impede natural air flow

Regardless of the reason patients require orthognathic surgery, the process begins with a surgical consultation with our skilled team.  Once it has been determined that surgery is the best option, we will create a personalized treatment plan to ensure surgical treatment is successful.

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