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Treatment for Impacted Canines in San Antonio

Wisdom teeth are the most often impacted, but a close second are the canines. These teeth are the sharp biting and tearing dentition surrounding the upper and lower front teeth, incisors. When these teeth are unable to erupt, patients typically need combined orthodontic and surgical treatments to correct the concern. All young patients should receive a thorough dental examination to ensure that adult teeth are present between the ages of 7 and 10. Canines are typically the last teeth to erupt before the wisdom teeth, and if they’re not present by the age of 13, it may be time to take action to assist the canines in erupting.

Assisted Canine Eruption

If your general dentist recommends guided canine eruption, schedule a consultation appointment right away. We are happy to offer surgical care working in conjunction with your  orthodontist. The assisted canine eruption process varies from patient to patient. However, the typical procedures require three steps: